Why Choose Zurix Roofing Systems?

Client Relationships

Client RelationshipsAt Zurix Roofing systems, we have an unmatched dedication to long term client relationships and a proven track record of performance.

At Zurix you will interact with industry experienced project managers who understand your needs and know how to deliver the customized, cost-efficient solutions you’re looking for. Our employees are involved in on-going training and certification programs to keep up with the industry’s continually changing technologies. We are also fully licensed and insured.

We builds trust with our clients through our commitment to:

  • Transparency
  • Ethical business practices
  • Elite performance
  • Documentation

Advanced Use of Technology

We use cloud based technology to deliver an elite level of coordination, transparency, scheduling, and performance.

Ability to Handle Unique Custom Projects

  • Specialize in unique projects that require attention to detail, planning, design expertise, and structural analysis
  • Custom sheet metal fabrication and flashing solutions
  • Ability to provide a cost effective, long-lasting weather proofing systems encompassing the entire building envelope while focusing on the unique needs of each customer and facility

Financial Leadership and Planning Expertise

The Zurix leadership team has strong financial backgrounds specializing in asset budgeting, CAPEX forecasting, and creative solutions for project initiation. This gives us the unique ability to meet the needs of high value facilities with detail planning, quality assurances, redundant inspections, and reduced impact strategies.

Other unique Zurix capabilities include:

  • Capital and liquidity to execute large projects quickly
  • Experts at reducing or eliminating operational impact on the facility
  • Intense emergency response

Commitment to Training and Quality of Workmanship

Choose ZurixIntegrity is Zurix’s core competency… It is a belief in the pride of workmanship and the knowing of quality in the unseen. We value quality and invest in the proper training of our employees through:

  • Manufacturer-certified and ongoing training programs
  • Advanced training for installers to continue to push the bar for quality higher

Superb Safety Record

We maintain a Top Safety record through education and awareness.

Learn more about our Safety Program »